I’m orange for all the right reasons

I would like to begin this post by reminding you that I am not a doctor nor have I ever played one on tv. Therefore, this is not medical advice. Worse, it may not even be funny.

I drink a lot of carrot juice. I drink enough carrot juice that my skin is often a delightfully pale shade of orange that gives the impression I have the ability to tan and/or that the sun has actually been seen in the Arctic land in which I live. I do love New England winters. The reason I drink so much carrot juice is because I love the flavor and it is amazing for your skin.

Carrot juice makes your skin amazing!

I’m not kidding about this. The beta-carotene in carrot juice that turns you orange becomes Vitamin A inside of your body. This will not only give you amazing night vision but it is like having a facial from the inside out. I find that with only 8oz a day my skin is noticeably younger looking and softer to the touch.

Other Sources of Vitamin A

Red and dark colored lettuce.
Sweet potatoes.
Most naturally orange foods.

Things To Know

Vitamin A is awesome and largely non-toxic when it comes from vegetables but it can be toxic when it comes from animals. Polar bear liver (yum) is an excellent source of Vitamin A but can be fatal if you eat too much of it. As Polar Bears are endangered I’d prefer that you get your Vitamin A from vegetarian sources.

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