Weeeeeeeeeeeee Brie

President Wee Brie

Wee Brie from Président

I’m not a huge fan of Brie as a fancy cheese. I tend to think of it as French welfare cheese which I totally love but don’t consider fancy.  I was recently gifted some Président Wee Brie spreadable cheese and I thought I’d write a little review of it.

The first thing you will notice about it is that it looks just like Laughing Cow cheese but with yellow Président packaging. On the inside the cheese looks and feels just like Laughing Cow too but with a strange “Brie” aroma. It spreads like laughing cow too.  I put my Wee Brie on fake fancy supermarket bakery bread and it was ok. As a consumer of fine cheeses I’m not really the target market for Wee Brie because I’m more likely to spring for real Brie or just sit in a corner eating Velveeta  while rocking and talking to myself. I’m not really sure who is the target market for the product. I’d rather just have Laughing Cow or real Brie. This middle of the road stuff is just kinda meh.


Yummy breakfast idea

My super awesome friend Erin posted this breakfast the other day and I feel like it is worth sharing.

It is essentially, toast with fruit and cheese. What makes it super cool is that in the summer I can get all of the ingredients from within walking distance of my house.  The berries grow in my yard and my neighbors produce amazing milk and bread products. The only items that would require any substantial transport would be the salt and honey.

If you haven’t go check out Erin’s blog, it is saturated with awesome.

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