That Time I Made Pudding Pops

Jello Pudding Pops, Y’all

I’m old and poor which means I can’t indulge in the pleasures of shopping at high end retailers. You know, like Target or Kmart.   Instead, I must pass my time  walking very slowly in my local supermarket, enjoying the splendor of a Vermont food desert in winter. Charming. On my last trip, I decided to bite the big one and buy the Jello Pudding Pop kit I have been drooling over for at least a month. I’m not kidding.


Pudding Pop Kit

The kit includes a plastic pudding pop mold, plastic pudding pop holders and four boxes of instant pudding. It is actually a pretty good deal if you like pudding. So, I’m totally a winner.

Pudding Pop Recipe

The pudding pop kit does not come with instructions of any kind which is confusing but also an opportunity to experiment. It is actually so easy that you don’t need instructions. You just make the instant pudding according to the instructions on the box and pour it into the mold. Place the mold in the freezer and you are done.

I’m sleepy, can you tell?

Curry Cheese Toast

I’m old and bitter. It is possible that I  met Escoffier himself on my 10,000th birthday. Maybe.


Because, I’m old, I love me some cheese toast. Yum!

Episco Cheese Toast Delight

Pieces of Bread

Generic processed cheese.

Yellow curry powder

Smoked salt



Apply your favorite generic processed cheese food product to your wonderbread style carbs and toast to your liking. Sprinkle on some yellow curry powder and follow with a little bit of smoked salt.





That time I was buried alive in snow

Epizzy Hot Tea

I learned this recipe from my neighbor who lived in a home so large it had its own time zone. Her christmas tree was so large it required 1,000ft of christmas lights which blew a fuse when illuminated. This is probably the most epizzy unalcoholic drink you can make.

Thé a la Épizzy Recipe

4 teaspoons instant ice tea mix.
1 mug of water

Place tea mix into water filled and microwave on high for 2 minutes. Bam hot tea!

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