My hand blender is killing me

Last week I got a sweet deal on a hand blender from Kinney Drugs and so far it has changed my world.  Possibly, for the better.

Hand Blender Basics

What is a hand blender? Imagine if you will that all of the sharp and cutty parts of your typical blender have been exposed so that you could insert them into any vessel and it turn it into a blender. Want to make a smoothie? Put your ingredients in a glass and stick the blender in it. Easy as pie!

What can you make with it?

Foams: Hand blenders do an amazing job of aerating your food. Put your ingredients into a container, add your emulsifying agent and bam you have a foam!

Soups: Slow cook some stuff on the stove until the flavor is perfect. Stick your hand blender in and bam you have an amazing soup.


Things To Know

Splashy: If you are not careful you will spray whatever you are trying to blend all over your kitchen. Less fun if the ingredients are hot or spicy.

Sharp: The cutting part of the blender is exposed and if you are not careful you could end up blending your fingers.

Clean: I can’t begin to tell you how much easier it is to clean a hand blender as compared to a traditional unit. OMG. Heaven.



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