I ate stuff in Vermont

I visited some beautiful people who live adjacent to Lake Champlain and we ate a lot of food. This was nice. Here are the highlights that don’t include my food poisoning or the cold duck.

Shelburne Vineyard

I had two whites from their store in Shelburne, VT. Great stuff and their building is visually stunning.

Fiddlehead Brewing Company

I sample their IPA and enjoyed it.

Foodie Downers

It is possible that after spending a lot of time schmoozing with the owner of a restaurant in Hinesburg about social media that my duck was cold and microwaved. Downer.com/vt/

It is also possible that the gastronomic distress I experienced later on that night was a result of eating at the downer.com restaurant. Ugh.

Cheese making, again

In my previous attempt to learn how to make cheese I ran up against some of the classism that makes Vermont such a wonderful place to live and work. My request for information was ignored until they read about me insulting them on this blog and then it was responded in an inappropriate and condescending manner. Life goes on and other Vermont institution lost out on an awesome opportunity.

However, it looks like the Vermont Institute College has their own cheese making program that may be less upper middle class fantasies and more about education.

Here is the press release.

Here are the actual course listings. It would also appear that they feature classes in craft brewing and mushroom foraging. Fun!

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