Tips For Visiting MassMOCA


If you get lost walk along the outside of the buildings to find your way back to the door.

Bring cash to enjoy a really good coldbrew in the coffee shop in building 6.

Download the MassMOCA app so you don’t miss anything.

Your ticket is good for 2 days so don’t worry about missing anything.

Sign up for the James Turrell stuff in advance or you won’t get in.

The salads in the restaurant are HUGE.

Go on a hot day and you can spend most of your time inside instead of melting outside.

Stay at the Holiday Inn near MassMoca because you can easily walk to the museum and not have to move your car.

Get to MassMoca early and park under the road overpass to shield your car from the sun.

Visit Natural Bridge State Park too because it is like Massachusetts grand canyon.

Follow This Guy On Instagram

Continuing the theme of how I’m using fitness to overcome my existence as a 70s pollution cliche I think you should follow
Aadam ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ (@physiqonomics) on Instagram. Aadam is super funny, smart, and you should go and sign up for his website. He’s happy to tell it like it is and I agree with him a lot even though he doesn’t like goat cheese.


Also, like a lot of talented humans, he is super hot.


5 Minute Abs

I’m a horrible person and because of that, I like to look my best. In order to mitigate some of my horribleness, I started watching abdominal workout videos on youtube. The idea is that if I workout and do something healthy I may become a nicer person. It hasn’t worked but my abs look great.   Through my desire to not ruin my shoulders while doing pushups I found this guy named Corey Hall who has some really great workouts.

I do this workout pretty much daily and I highly recommend it. Corey is fun and with enough work, you will have a body as hot as his.



StufZ Burger Review

I’m old and miserable. That should come as no surprise to the two bots who read this blog. The other weekend my gorgeous friend and I decided to experiment with the StufZ Burger Press. It was fun.

I had this amazing delusion that the StufZ Burger Press would allow me to turn ground beef into an amazing vessel for culinary wonder and delight. I was nominally correct.

StufZ Burger Press Review


My goal was to take what I learned in the fancy online Harvard food science (that I failed) and apply it to stuffing ground beef full of flavor.

StufZ Burger Press Recipes

Kraft Dinner Stuffed Burger

I made mac and cheeze from a box and put it into the burger. I was hoping it would be amazing and a canadian delicacy worthy of publication in Canada’s most popular food blogs. It was not.

Tater Tot Burger

What would happen if I stuffed a burger full of cheese and tater tots? The answer is deliciousness. Do this and do it often and you will be very happy. Also, probably fat.

Inside Burger 

I thought it would be fun to deconstruct the burger and take everything that you would normally put on top of the burger and use the StufZ Burger Press to put it inside. Yum! This burger was actually pretty awesome. Next time I’d add more relish to the StufZ Burger Press recipe.

Brie & Onions

This StufZ Burger Press was pure class. Caramelized onions and generic brie were pretty fantastic in this StufZ Burger Press recipe.


StufZ Burger Press Tips

Ok. Our first attempt at using the StufZ Burger Press was a huge failure comparable to the launch of Crystal Pepsi. I would highly recommend watching a video on youtube on how to use the StufZ Burger Press because it isn’t as easy as it might seem. I would also recommend using low fat ground beef because otherwise you will have a grease disaster on your hands.

TL:DR: StufZ Burger Press is pretty awesome but watch an instructional video before you use it and use low fat ground beef.

I started salting my coffee because I’m awesome

Salt in your coffee! Gross, right? WRONG!!!




I started salting my coffee after failing my Harvard food science class. The salt does a better job of masking the bitterness of coffee while actually enhancing the flavor you are supposed to be able to taste.  The key is to add salt a little at a time so that you don’t end up drinking java flavored dead sea water. I usually do just a few grinds of sea salt but my salt grinder. It will surprise you how amazing it tastes.

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