I’m bored and I ate sushi

I’m bored. The kind of bored that gnaws at your from the center and causes your cells to self destruct one by one.

I want out to eat with my friend Mikey before seeing a horrible film. I had sushi. It was good.

Exciting. Can you tell?

I am going to fancy non-incest, non-heroin addicted Vermont this weekend and plan on experiencing the wonderful upper-middle class food experiences of the Champlain Valley.

Wish me luck.

Cheese making, again

In my previous attempt to learn how to make cheese I ran up against some of the classism that makes Vermont such a wonderful place to live and work. My request for information was ignored until they read about me insulting them on this blog and then it was responded in an inappropriate and condescending manner. Life goes on and other Vermont institution lost out on an awesome opportunity.

However, it looks like the Vermont Institute College has their own cheese making program that may be less upper middle class fantasies and more about education.

Here is the press release.

Here are the actual course listings. It would also appear that they feature classes in craft brewing and mushroom foraging. Fun!

Jose Andres & Anthony Bourdain Do Awesome Stuff Together

I was happy today to watch the episode of No Reservations where Anthony Bourdain visits Wasington D.C and eats at Chef Jose Andres’ restaurant.

Yum! Molecular gastronomy. A wonderful, horrible thing. I say horrible because it has allowed chefs to take wonderful ingredients and create really disgusting things. Jose Andres doesn’t do that. He creates really wonderful dishes that use science to maximize the flavors and wonder I imagine he finds in his natural ingredients.

I felt super awesome watching the episode because I took and failed an online Harvard food science class and I learned how to make all of the dishes shown in the episode. Also, Jose Andres is an amazing presenter and his workshops were always as fun as they were informative.

Pine Restaurant

Hello gentle viewers! Let me tell you the tale of a stodgy property that has been amazingly reinvigorated!

The Hanover Inn Reborn!

My first visit to The Hanover Inn was for my mother’s nursing school graduation. It was boring, yet entirely sufficient and I stole a mug.  The room the function was in was supposed to looks”waspy” but was lacking the necessary eagle statuary and dead animals to be truly episcofabulious. I think I may have returned once or twice for a business meeting and rope-cultured seafood. Meh.

That is not what The Hanover Inn is now. Nooooooo. The building was gutted and the knockoff Sister Parish interiors have been replaced with decor that is chic and modern. I can’t believe I said that. For realz. They also replaced the bistro-y restaurant with a new eatery called Pine. I was lucky enough to have lunch there today.

Pine Restaurant

The lunch menu at Pine actually looked interesting. Not too many choices but the menu contained items I can’t cook at home which is always a plus. I had the Dartmouth Salad and the Gnocci. My rule is that if I can cook it, I’m not going to order it. Service was good and I wish I could have had a desert but that will have to happen later. I’d go to Pine again.

I would eat all of these horrible foods

I actually made this.
Via WeightWatchers1974
Once or twice a month someone will post a link to a Buzzfeed article about super gross vintage foods to my facebook wall. I’m supposed to be horrified by them but most of the time I’m not. The truth is not only do I find some of the recipes interesting but I have actually made a few of them. For example, I  made and enjoyed the tomato aspic at the top of this page. Yum! If I can encourage anyone who is reading this blog to do anything it would be to step out of your comfort zone. Grow you palate because it is possible there are plenty of foods that seem gross but are actually quite wonderful.

That tomato aspic is not one of them.

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