Cheese Making School

My neighbors across the road make cheese. My  neighbors to the right also make cheese. My horrible parvenu neighbors probably make cheese too. Cheese is everywhere.

What is that I hear right now? Oh, it is dairy cows.

I guess I should give in and learn to make cheese myself.

As America’s favorite culinary school reject, I’m considering applying for and rejecting entry into a cheese making program.

Why not?

Local Cheese Making Classes

Local to me at least which means New Hampshire / Vermont.

Sterling College offers an intense program with the incredible Jasper Hill. It is around $3,000 and if I had that type of money hanging around I’d do it. I emailed the program for more information but so far they have chosen not to respond sufficiently to my inquiry.

Westminster Artisan Cheesemaking offers courses in cheese making that are not to far from and seem to be reasonably affordable.

New Hampshire Cheesemakers Guild offers a list of cheesemakers and in New Hampshire and some that offer cheese making courses.


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