I’m going through a Cheez-its phase

Cooking With Cheez-its


Fatcasso strikes again!

Fatcasso strikes again!

Picasso had his blue phase and as Fatcasso I’m having my Cheez-its phase. It all started when I made an incredible Velveeta concoction and sprinkled crumbled Cheez-its over the top. It was pretty much a meal every episcopalian dreams of eating before they die. Oh the memories. It was definitely a hit at Chateau-my-house.

My most recent Cheez-it exploration was mac and cheese with white chedder Cheez-it filling and a pepper jack Cheez-it topping. I took some leftover ziti and mixed in some crumbled white chedder Cheez-its. To that I added a homemade parmesan mornay sauce which I topped with crumbled pepper jack Cheez-its and baked it for around 20 minutes at 375 degrees. The result was really quite incredible.

cheez-it mac and cheese

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