Starbucks doesn’t want to see you drinking this coffee

If you don’t like that dark roast, we’ve created a coffee for you.

Starbucks has been running advertisements for their new range of blonde coffees during The Good Wife on Hulu. Normally I would be upset at  a pseudo luxury brand interrupting my Florrick time but the advertisements are rather funny. They basically say, if you don’t like our coffee that is ok, we will sell you other coffee but we’d prefer not to see you drink it.

starbucks blonde roast coffee

We will lower our coffee to your standards but only if you don’t drink it where we can see it.

I used to drink Starbuck’s original Blonde Roast in K-cup form at my office. Not because I liked it, but because it tasted nominally good for a K-cup. Maybe that was the plan.

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