That time I lived near the best food in the world

When I was younger, skinner and far more pretentious, I did a study abroad in Bilbao, Spain. My primary goal was to become even more pretentious while avoiding the harsh realities of a state school education. I also wanted to learn Basque.

I spent a lot of time with my American friends in the neighboring and more pretentious city of San Sebastian/Donostia. It has been said that San Sebastian is the Rita Hayworth of Spanish cities and I would agree. It is chic, relaxed and incredibly gorgeous. It has amazing tapas and two of the best restaurants in the world. Naturally, being young and pretentiously stupid I had no idea of that fact until a decade after I left.  Lame, right? If I can give you any nominally useful advice it would be not to be young and stupid because I missed out on some amazing culinary experiences because I was too set in my own pretentious way of thinking to experience the wonder around me.

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