Yummy Passover Foods

I’m not Jewish but I grew up in the New Hampshire version of the catskills so I’m no stranger to Jewish culture and food. This isn’t a post about how to properly keep kosher for passover but rather about how to enjoy all the cool foods that have just popped up in your grocery store.


Huge crackers! Matzos are awesome gigantic crackers that represent the bread that didn’t have time to leaven. I like to eat mine with peanut butter but there are all sorts of yummy things you can put on your matzo. Naturally, if you are actually celebrating passover you will be much more limited in your mazto eating than if you are.

Dr Brown’s Sodas

If you look, you can find all types of sodas in passover form. K for P! However, for true passover deliciousness you will need to try one of the more unique Dr Brown’s soda flavors like their celery flavored soda.

Additional Passover Awesomeness
For the ultimate passover experience you should book a room at Kutsher’s in upstate New York.

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